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  1. Hi I’m coming form the archive if you see this know its part of it check out the Miscellany tab the hat mans there and its fairly interesting, no other websites seem to be part of the stuff arg but maybe look around


  2. I am on the wrong path, and am lost. Do not pay attention to me, as I cannot get you to the right destination, but if you find it, please let me know. I curious as to where this one leads.


      1. Again, the L’s are being replaced with M’s. This is how it SHOULD look :

        – …. . / . -. -.. / .. … / .. -. / – …. . / .–. .- … –


    1. Hey, you kinda fucked your morse up. The t’s were replaced with m’s, and you spelled beginning as “begining”. It should go like this :

      – …. .. … / .. … / .— ..- … – / – …. . / -… . –. .. -. -. .. -. –.


  3. This is awesome. I really do wonder if it’s actually linked to the ARG, as the previous Retronauts webring button does actually call the webring page, rather than specifically linking to this site.
    It definitely seems like it could be linked, but I wonder if it’s just a coincidence.
    If it is connected, I’d love to know what’s behind the 8×300 page!


    1. I mean, yours is doing just the same. Also, we don’t even know if this site is actually connected to the ARG as it’s just normally linked to via the Retronauts webring. Does seem like an extreme coincidence, though.


      1. There is a 0% chance that it’s not connected to HA. Two biggest links are the Hat Man and as of today Asphasia’s name appearing in a HA video as a member of the Prior Administration. Lots of other things scattered around the Treatise too.


  4. Beware. The end isn’t near but here. We are in the end game now. I tried to stop it but I could only do so much. There isn’t another side. It’s all one now. It has been awoken.


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